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The Set-&-Go is a lightweight adjustable tile spacing device that helps in obtaining perfect spacing and grout line consistency between tiles.
The Set-&-Go is an "I" shaped frame that adjusts in both length and width. 
It’s equipped with special attachable legs that eliminates the common usage of having multiple bags and buckets filled with the old fashion conventional plastic spacers.  With the Set-&-Go there is no need to go back and remove spacers from between grout lines to prepare for grouting. The Set-&-Go now solve these types of time consuming problems.  By attaching only (4) Set-&-Go unique spacer legs, multiple tiles can be set and spaced simultaneously.
Features and accessories:
Standard 1/4" 'X' spacer
included with each Set-&-Go.
Also available in 1/8" grout width.
'T' spacer allows you to lay tiles in a staggered pattern as well as against flat surfaces.
Available in 1/4" & 1/8"grout widths.
The 'L' spacer enables you to space between square corners, against straight edges and in the middle of square areas.
The Flat spacer allows you to space between octagonal tiles, angle cut tiles and against straight edges. Available in 1/4" & 1/8" grout widths.
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